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Cast de ID según Cassie

Cassie tiene en su pagina la lista del cast ideal para the Infernal Device,

TESSA. Sarah Bolger


WILL. Nicholas Hoult.

Another popular contender for Will is Nicholas Hoult. And hes British!

JEM,  Eiji Wentz.

     This suggestion came through on Twitter. Eiji Wentz. Half-Asian, half-German. He has something of Jems fragile beauty going on.

CHARLOTTE, Carey Mulligan 

Carey Mulligan as Charlotte - like Charlotte shes petite but tough, not quite traditionally pretty but charming

JESSAMINE,Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried. Shes a talented comic actress and we know she can play mean . . .

HENRY, Alan Tudyk

All right, hes a little old for Henry, but he has the gingery hair and the absentminded look down...

British actress Andrea Riseborough. Not very well known yet but she looks right for Sophie. 

Gabriel Lightwood. Alex Watson

Alex Watson. Yep, Emmas younger brother. Can he act? Not sure, but he looks right.

Gideon Lightwood, Xavier Samuel

Xavier Samuel as Gabriel

                Camille,  Clemence Poesy.

Clemence Poesy. Shes gorgeous, shes French, shes blonde . . .

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